Hangry The Donut Bar

Made From Scratch. 

Made With Love.

Who's Making These Hand-Crafted Beauties?

The McClains

Owners and Damn Good Bakers

Hangry The Donut Bar (HTDB) is a small home based donut shop located in St. Albans, Vermont. HTDB was started by us (Erica and Ed), because of our love for food, and our (Erica's) love for baking. It is important to us to serve food that will showcase the amazing emotions food can bring into your life with one simple bite. Food has always been a big part of our family, and Vermont has become our family. So we thought we should share our love of Vermont through food. All of our donuts are handmade and hand cut. It is important to us that we captured/save Vermont's beauty and also support are local community. We use quality, local and organic ingredients. All of our fillings and doughs are made with local farm fresh eggs, organic milk, and local organic flour (Nitty-Gritty Flour Company). With some help and support from our friends, and most of all our family, we are able to bring you a true donut experience. So from our kitchens to your homes and businesses, we want you to enjoy the HTDB experience. 

Our Kick-Ass Mission

Our mission is to spread love through food and provide a voice for those who don't always get heard the way that they should. We moved here from Florida in 2015 (I know, FLORIDA!) and we immediately fell in love with Vermont and all of it's beauty and opportunities. Coming from a place like Florida, we loved the diversity and the different things that you can discover by just experiencing something that is foreign to you. When we create our flavors, we try to push past the normal "chocolate covered sprinkles" or "powdered sugar". Our goal is for people to experience something that they've never tried, and realize that there is a big and beautiful world out there that is ours for the exploring. 

We also want to show people, especially people of color or those who are the minority, that you can do anything you put your mind to. Anything you can dream, you can achieve 

Above all we are thankful for our community, family, and we give thanks to God because we believe that we have nothing without him.

Erica dropped off a dozen of her freshly made gourmet doughnuts right to our doorsteps this morning! She is a pleasure to work with, very professional and in our experience, fast with delivery!

The doughnuts are truly mind-blowing delicious! SO soft and buttery and airy with the most delicious flavors! Each flavor you think it can’t get any better but 🤯 they are all exceptional!!

HIGHLY recommend! These were truly the best doughnuts we have ever had!

Megan R.
Burlington, VT
Hands down the best donuts I've ever had. The lemon poppy seed donuts were definitely a favorite! They were super fresh and soft. I'd add a photo, but trust they looked just as good as they taste as they were gone not long after they got here. We will for sure be ordering again!
Marah J.
Burlington, VT

These are the best donut I have ever had!! So fresh and delicious with unique flavors. I am sad I have lived 31 years without these in my life but not anymore!

Mandi H.
Essex Junction, Vermont


Deliveries to: St. Albans, Swanton, Burlington, and South Burlington

Pick Up Options Available for Surrounding Areas


Saint Albans, VT 05478

Hours Subject to Change

Closed Mondays

Tuesday- Friday 6pm-9pm 

Saturday & Sunday Deliveries (varies)

Closed All Holidays